Playa Tacos and Tequila Now Open!

A True Concept to Completion Project

Playa has officially opened its doors in its new West Michigan location, just a short walk from Lake Michigan. We were brought in on day one to help with the logo, colors, menu, and merch design. 

Located on Lake Macatawa, and minutes away from Lake Michigan, Playa is not your typical Mexican restaurant. Playa is an open, casual concept offering a one-of-a-kind blend of traditional and modern Mexican street food + cocktails. Sitting on the main drag (to the beach) of tourist heavy Holland, Michigan, the branding reflects an open, summer vibe where customers are free to walk in off the street in their beach attire. Or, after a day on the water, maybe get cleaned up and look your best!

Scott Meivogel

Lets begin with the color scheme

Playa’s color palette takes one from that beautiful early morning walk to the beach, to the leisurely stroll back to the abode. “I’ll be ready in 30 minutes, then we can walk to Playa.” Those first few steps outside and back into town, with the colors changing by the second, are things dreams are made of. That’s the way it is on the shore of Lake Michigan.

The Playa Logo

Agave tequilana, or Weber blue agave, is a large succulent with long, spiked leaves similar to aloe vera, and from which tequila is made. There is an edible bulb called a pineapple within the core of the blue agave plant. Tequila comes from the fermentation of its juice with the addition of yeast in barrels after it has been baked and juiced.

Jen Doornbos Photography

Jen Doornbos Photography

The Playa Website

The Playa Menu Design

The Playa menu is quite extensive. With different selections for the drink, brunch, and dinner menu, 

We enlisted the help of local artist Jennifer Leichty to create some hand-painted agave elements, with the original works hanging inside Playa.

Jen Doornbos Photography

Jen Doornbos Photography

Additional Playa Elements and Merch

The list goes on and on. Coasters, hats, shirts, to-go bags, tray liners, and more!